3 Ways to Make Your Concession Stand Lines Move Faster

Long concession stand lines are headaches for fans and staff. Longer wait times usually mean fans miss more of the game and concessions will lose out on sales. So what can you do to make the experience quicker and more enjoyable for everyone? Try these 3 tips to satisfy fan and shorten lines.

Make sure you’re using the right concession equipment for the job. If machines that are too small are holding you back, it’s time to upgrade to a larger size that can handle the volume of orders you receive. Consider how many servings you sell per hour and what the capacity of your current equipment is. Decide if it makes more sense to have smaller equipment at each stand, or larger commercial equipment in a central location in your stadium. Find more information on choosing the right size popcorn machine, or get help with other concession equipment.

Staff appropriately. While overstaffing your concession stands is not ideal, understaffing can cause serious problems. Not only do customers have to wait longer for their food to be prepared and delivered, but also employees who are stressed will provide mediocre service at best. For faster lines, happier staff, and satisfied customers, have plenty of people on hand to do the necessary work. Create a backup plan for unexpected absences so your stands aren’t shorthanded. We recommend seeking several ambitious students who can assist you and gain experience serving the community.

Use technology to your advantage. You might want to think about including a budget for your own order ahead or in-seat delivery app in your purchasing decisions. Apps now exist for the entire ordering process, from viewing menus to ordering food that’s delivered right to them. Mobile ordering apps shorten lines while also increasing sales. It’s proven that fans ordering with apps usually spend more than traditional ordering. 

These are just a few options you can try depending on your needs and budget. And always remember that customer service is your best offense against long lines and waits. As long as your staff is working hard, doing their best, and being friendly with customers, you’re already ahead of the game. We wish you the best!

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