5 Reasons Why Concession Stands Shouldn’t Depend Solely On Cash

Do you ever think about you how technology has advanced? Do you think about how our youth will lead the technological future? Do you see signals from the future that might have value today? 

Future-ready organizations and teams know how to think about the future. They are “future-minded,” which means they understand their habits of thinking about the future and how the future starts now, especially with mobile transactions. 

We don’t want your school going totally cashless right now (since we realize that there will consistently be kids appearing with cash given by their parents), here are 5 reasons why you need to begin offering multiple payment methods and decrease the reliance on cash.

Number 1, money exchanges are slow and can be truly unpleasant.

Imagine a scenario in which there are as of now 20 anxious fans waiting in line, who need to return to their seat to watch their youngster, kinfolk, or companion on the field. It will easily back you up, get you bothered, and certainly, challenge you, compared to fans self-serving themselves through your ordering app.

Number 2, if you only accept cash, you are missing out on a great amount of revenue. Only 50% of Americans say they carry cash with them less than half of the time they are out, especially millennials. Cash-only payments usually deny the people who live from their phone, which is many of us.

Number 3, cash isn’t the most secure structure for payments

About 1/10 of what booster clubs and concessions raise goes missing? It’s really due to manual cash collecting. You don’t realize when cash is gone, especially when you are overwhelmed in the trenches of running the concession stand. 

Number 4,  money makes accounting more difficult, and your life. Mobile concession ordering apps eliminate the manual labor of tallying notes and coins and ensuring everything is counted down to the penny. With mobile transactions, it streamlines your processes and all you have to do is peek at is the final reports that are already computed for you.

Number 5, quick and simple payment enhances the overall fan experience. Mobile ordering is beyond making concession ordering more convenient. It means family, friends, and peers can spend quality time in their seats cheering their team on or watching their son’s first-ever touchdown rather than waiting in line.

Finally, we have to say this: mobile ordering is an inescapable future. As our world becomes less and less dependent on cash, you need to adopt the trend as well. So instead of being caught not ready when the change is appearing before your eyes, a better recommendation would be to embrace the change and what’s prime to be.

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