How To Increase Concession Stand Sales at an Outdoor Sports Complex

As the weather heats up and outdoor sports complexes become more active, it’s a great time to start thinking about how to increase your concession stand sales. Whether you’re running a concession stand at a local soccer field, a baseball diamond, or a community park, there are many strategies you can use to attract customers and keep them coming back for more. Here are some tips to help you increase concession stand sales at an outdoor sports complex:

Offer a variety of items:

To attract more customers, it’s important to have a wide variety of items on your menu. In addition to the standard hot dogs, burgers, and soft drinks, consider offering healthier options like fresh fruit, salads, and grilled chicken sandwiches. You can also try adding some unique or trendy items like avocado toast, gourmet popcorn, or ice cream sandwiches.

Make your stand visually appealing:

First impressions matter, so make sure your concession stand is visually appealing and eye-catching. Use bright colors and signage to attract attention, and consider creating a display that showcases your menu items. You can also add some decorative touches like string lights or a banner to create a festive atmosphere.

Implement a loyalty program:

A loyalty program is a great way to keep customers coming back for more. Offer a discount or free item to customers who visit your stand a certain number of times or spend a certain amount. You can also give out punch cards that reward customers for multiple purchases.

Offer combo deals:

Combining items into combo deals can encourage customers to spend more money. For example, you can offer a hot dog and soft drink combo, or a burger and fries combo. You can also create family packs that include a variety of items for a discounted price.

Use social media:

Social media is a powerful tool for promoting your concession stand and attracting new customers. Use platforms like Facebook and Instagram to share photos of your menu items and specials, and to post updates about your hours and location. You can also run contests or giveaways that encourage followers to visit your stand.

Partner with local sports teams: Partnering with local sports teams can help you attract more customers to your concession stand. Consider offering a discount to players or coaches who visit your stand, or even creating a special menu item that’s named after the team. You can also offer a percentage of sales to the team or donate a portion of profits to a local charity.

By using these strategies, you can increase concession stand sales at your outdoor sports complex and create a loyal customer base. Remember to continually evaluate your menu and pricing to ensure you’re meeting customer needs and staying competitive in the market.