How to offer modern convenience at your concession

“Technology has made it easy to streamline traditional processes, to reduce effort and increase revenue,” said ConcessionTeam CEO Kaymon Farmer. “Why stick to your ways of waiting for people to come to you when they’re used to the modern convenience of ordering ahead or getting it delivered to them?”

One of the most common questions we get from boosters and venues interested in adopting mobile ordering is: what if people don’t use it?

That is a great concern, especially given that in the sports industry before COVID-19, adoption of mobile ordering technology has been below 10% at a given event. However, post-pandemic our competitor saw that percentage change drastically, with many of their partners going live with 100% orders through their platform, together with total elimination of cash and walk-up orders for safety reasons.

With two seasons of implementing our mobile POS apps, our team is equipped with the knowledge on how to best increase user adoption. First of all, COVID-19 has greatly raised the awareness of contactless ordering and helped venues increase mobile ordering adoption rates amazingly. Secondly, the rise of mobile services and payment in other industries, such as grocery take-outs and rideshares has lowered the mental monster of using another mobile service. So it’s safe to say that mobile ordering is here to stay.

To make your ordering experience more frictionless, we developed the mobile POS app where now a fan only needs to scan a QR code to open your app on their phone and order directly, as opposed to downloading an app. Our success managers and marketing team equips every one of our partners with a done-for-you marketing toolkit full of materials to promote your app both before and during the event. 

Try out Order Ahead Pickup for free, no Credit Card is required. If you don’t see an increase in orders just let us know. No hassle cancellation.

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