ConcessionTeam: a partner in the growth of your concession business

Our pricing model is simple. Free setup! No fixed monthly costs and a fair, low transaction rate.

Getting direct orders with your own online ordering system could generate you thousands.

payment processing at just 2.9% + .30c per order

Manage your concession in one place—it’s fast, seamless, and secure.

Not just a product: a team of experts on hand

We’re more than just state-of-the-art software. Our marketing engine helps you grow your brand, and our customer success and marketing teams are always there where you need them. In fact every one of our customers has a dedicated Customer Success Manager. Our pricing is based on fair commission rates to ensure you’re profitable. There’s no monthly charge so if you’re not receiving orders, it costs you nothing.

Everything you need

A fully-featured digital ordering platform and concession growth engine


Express Pickup
In-Seat Delivery


Debit and Credit


24/7 Help Desk
Phone and Chat


Improve Productivity
and Profitability


Branded, Fast, Custom Domain


Fraud Detection
GDPR compliance


Done-For-You Marketing Materials


Informed Evidence-Based Decisions


Available 24/7. You can access quick digestive content immediately at your own convenience.

Get up and running in 2 simple steps!

Send over your concession menu and we'll do the rest!

All you need to do is use the menu template we provide. Keep the generic menu items and add your own.

Create your Stripe account and link your bank account.

Once your account is set up, we’ll connect it to your app so you can collect secure payments easily.

Got Questions? We got answers.

We want to make sure that your concession is a good fit for our system before you join the community. Because of that, we always sign you up after live demos.

It’s super easy. You provide us with the menu, and we will handle all the menu setup in the onboarding process. Though, if you want to add a menu item, we will show you how easy it is to do so from the dashboard!

You will have total control over how your menu appears in your app. You can even update your menu in real-time!

Users can access your app through a web browser with active cellular internet service or WIFI.

No! Fans will use your app through a web browser with an active internet connection.  

No download or storage space needed.

After you talk with our  Customer Success Manager, you can get started in as little time as 2 days! That includes setting up your menu, onboard training, marketing material, and everything else that comes with your plan.

Totally! You’ll accept payments using Stripe’s payment processing. Neither ConcessionTeam or Stripe saves payment information. When you use Stripe the credit card data entered into your payment form is never sent to our server. Automatically PCI compliant because we don’t handle any sensitive credit card data on our servers. More secure because a breach of our servers won’t result in any stolen credit card data.

Yes! We make sure you have a dedicated customer success manager and a on-site manager whenever you need help.

Yes! We help you recruit runners and we will have an on-site manager to help coordinator the runners.

Everything you need to grow your concession business

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