Why adopt a mobile POS app for your concession?

If you have ever worked at a concession, you know concession stands are one of the most high-tension services that exist today. No matter what, you are expected to deliver, fast, efficient service, on the spot to your fans. Which is a very high-stress position to be in. Let’s face it, in today’s convenient world, everyone wants their concessions as soon as possible and will get angry the second a line gets held up, misses a great play, or anything else that keeps them from their food and the game. This is why it’s important you ensure that doesn’t happen. But there is only so much a human can do, right? Well if you manage a concession, there is a big change you can make to your concession stand in order to speed up lines and cut down on angry customers. Investing in a mobile point of sale system app for your concession stand is your opportunity to smooth your entire operations. A mobile POS app can help your concession stands run smoothly at a little extra cost to you and here’s how.

Faster Payment: Fans scan a QR code to add menu items to their cart! Pay with a card inside your app on their devices and just like that, they’re done. It’s that simple. No longer do your volunteers need to fumble with cash or card numbers and make every customer use a pen and paper to sign their name on their receipt. Instead, with just a few steps, your fans can be on their way to a memorable game experience.

Easier Transactions: Using a mobile POS simplifies payment, not just for the fan but for the thirty other fans that may be waiting in line, ready to enjoy their favorite concession items. How many times has someone held up your entire line trying to decide on what they want or pay in coins? Well your mobile POS app eliminates the need to fumble with the register, gives your fans another payment option, and streamlines your transactions before or while fans are in line.

Connectivity: And just like that, all the purchases made mobile point of sale app are integrated, so you have complete access to financial information, legit fan insights, inventory management, and more. There has never been an easier way to make sure you and your volunteers are synchronized for maximum efficiency.

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