Why are you adopting a mobile POS app?

The first question to ask is, “why are you launching mobile ordering for your concessions?” One of the main reasons we discovered is to accept cards at a low transaction rate and also to provide a better game experience. Your POS app will allow fans to visually shop your menu, order anywhere they want, stay away from the crowded lines, have the food delivered right to their seat, and have the payment processed directly through your app

But the benefits of mobile ordering go beyond your fans self-serving themselves from their devices. By using your own digital order management system, you can eliminate the human error of volunteers manually handling money to reduce lost cash. 

Not saying you completely go away from cash, that would be insane. We’re saying this concept can be helpful for low-numbered staff who are efficient with roles or are coachable to learn our easy-to-implement system. Either way, you can serve more customers with little staff.

During our experiences, mobile orders have been proven to increase fans cart size, average order value, and order frequency because the menu is accessible, they can beat the lines, and really don’t have to get out their seats at some venues. 

Since you make it so easy to shop your menu and add items to their cart at their fingertips, fans tend to put more items in their cart. Better yet, they feel like they don’t have to skip the concession because of the line or they may not have cash. You giving fans the option to pay with cash or card and pick it up or have it delivered to them is a for sure way to increase revenue. No matter if you have low attendance or week-day games, convenience is the key!

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